“No Where To Hide”

A thief thinks if he waits till nightfall that no one will view his evil deeds, and to ensure (or so he thinks) will wear a mask to be hid even more. Those who live in such a way do not know scripture that the darkness is as the light to God for there is no darkness with God and nothing is.     not in his viewing upon earth! “They just  are of those that rebel against the light; they know not the ways thereof, nor abide in the paths thereof. The murderer. Rising with the light killeth the poor and needy, and in the night is as a thief. The eye also of the adulterer waiteth for the twilight, saying, No eye shall see me: and disguiseth his face. In the dark they dig through houses, which they had marked for themselves in the daytime: they know not the light. For the morning is to them even as the shadow of death”.(Job 24:13-17).


Oh’ what wicked web’s we weave when we practice to deceive, but the sad thing is here is there is no where in the earth anyone can hide from an omnipresent God! God who is creator of everything never sleeps nor slumbers. “Yet they say, The Lord shall not see, neither shall the God of Jacob regard it. Understand, ye brutish among the people: and ye fools, when will the be wise? He that planted the ear, shall he not hear? He that formed the eye, shall he not see? He that chastiseth the heathen, shall not he correct? He that teachers man knowledge, shall not he know”.(Psalm 94:7-10).


God had to send his only begotten Son who is known as the light of this world, for men loved darkness more as their deeds were evil!  “In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not”.(John 1:4,5).





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