” Every Day Holds A Blessing “


Jesus gave a great example of peace in the midst of a storm when the disciples were so upset on the boat because the wind had become horrendous and they were fearful…… We see Jesus was asleep as though all were calm for He was at peace and knew the one who had caused the storm. We too can find peace through tragedy and see a blessing, for it is seen after a tornado which has leveled a home some people will say “We are blessed because we’re all still alive and can replace things”. We need not wait till tragedy hits, but find a blessing in each day! God feels so strong that there is a blessing upon the head of the just, that even the memory of the just is also blessed but not so for the wicked. (Proverbs 10:6-7).  Blessings are upon the head of the just: but violence covereth the mouth of the wicked. The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.



As a Christian it is the faith we hold in a faithful God that brings us blessings, and we see although Thomas doubted and did not believe the return of Jesus unless he touched His hand and side that was pierced that we are blessed because we have not seen yet believe by faith. (John 20:25-29).  The other disciples therefore said unto him, We have seen the Lord. But he said unto them, Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe. And after eight days again his disciples were within, and Thomas with them: then came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, Peace be unto you. Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing. And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God. Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.



When we offer the praises due His name then the heavens will open with blessings and have so many blessings we would have no room to receive them. This reminds me of what happened over this past weekend because after cutting some wood it is easier to take a sled to get it out, and I prayed for just an inch of snow and we ended up with a foot! That is so much what God is like. (Malachi 3:10).  Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

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