“Many Will Be Offended And Hate And Betray One Another”

i By Julia & CJ

Our silence on the recent weeks of this revealing of sexual misconduct isn’t because we dont know what is happening, its because we have struggled to understand. Sexual harrassment, sexual abuse and sexual misconduct is unacceptable in any form. There are many opinions surfacing, some of which I agree with. How in this country can someone be accused, tried and judged without due process? The Bible lays out specific rules for judging those accused of a crime, our legal system was based on Judeo-Christian values.


Sharia law punishes the victim of rape, victim shaming is also unacceptable but have we promoted a spread of this debauchery by loosening our values and allowing our children to grow in worldly things and dress? As women  we are shocked at behaviors from women that say this is our right and our bodies.

Some in Europe has called our debacle a witch hunt. And it does resemble that. That said, have we bred a culture of acceptability for sexual misconduct? Yes, and it began in the 60’s.


Howie Mandel pointed out in a recent talk show that when its ok to have TV shows where the boss is seen chasing the secretary around the desk what do we expect. And that is very true. This has morphed into debauchery and conduct of a society who threw morals and God so far into the abyss that our country now resembles a country of sin. Not just a city of sin like Las Vegas is described, but a country of sin. And its acceptable to the masses.


A prominent gay activist has just announced her NEW BIBLE APP. It will be ready by Christmas. According to an article by the Gospel Herald, she says that transgenders and homosexuals who felt ostracized by Christians can now use this app to study and find affirming Bible verses for their sin. Hello?! Rewriting the Bible is mocking Gods words and will be punished. And yet whole churches are not only silent but promoting this.


One meme on facebook displayed by Christian author David Firazo shows a picture of Santa Claus with text that says: “Put Christ back in Christmas? How about putting Christ back into Christianity?”   How true this is. We see worship of idols and Christ is no longer the Christ or Messiah! He is turned into something way less than the deity He is. Its called the disregard of the deification of Christ. Many say we all worship the same God, clearly removing Christ. How can we worship a God who does not have Christ as Son of God or the center of the Trinity or better yet denies the trinty?? Put Christ back in Christianity!


Our TV shows display nudity and sexual conduct as the new norm as well as the commercials. Commercials about condoms portraying teens says its ok. Thats the message it sends.


Sin is idolized and made acceptable.


We can see the gradual decline of a Godly nation as the morals of the free love generation in the late sixties took root.  Then the idea to remove prayer from our schools, and God was placed on the back burner.

Fast forward forty years and we are now seeing the result of man’s free will to leave God out of the equation.

We have North Korea threatening with their missiles, and terrorist groups planting fear across the land. Lets not forget the passing of a whole new law to support immorality!

How can we not see prophesy unfolding right before our eyes?  we are in line with Matthew Chapter 24,  when the disciples asked what would be the sign of His return? Look at all the earthquakes in places where they have never been before (Matthew 24:7).

The love of many has grown cold as sin is abounding like never before (Matthew 24:9-12).

The sign of the times is truly bearing witness that the day of Christ’s return draws near, even at the doors with hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes more prominent than ever just as prophesied!(Matthew 24:32-35).


It may be too late for us to return to our first love as Christ says in Revelation, it may be satan has a hold on this world far more than the church realizes, but we know, no we were warned that when these things appear look up for our redemption draws near! Are you ready?


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