Covid-19 to murder hornet’s,history repeats itself

When in the midst of chaos we may think nothing like this has ever happened before,yet scripture teaches us there is nothing new under the sun(Ecclesiastes 1:9,10).

Chances are very good history displays the recent events in our lives.Covid-19 is a virus that has now plagued not just a few states or countries but many! What about the murder hornet? Is there anywhere in scripture that teaches us of a similar situation we are now dealing with?

We see a picture from the past that resembles our current condition. A time of plagues and of God even sending insect’s which causes such destruction in the earth. Everytime Phar’-aoh was asked to let Gods people go God hardened his heart which then brought a total of ten different plagues!

Did you know half of those plagues were of different animals or insect’s? There were locust’s,frogs,flies,lice and serpent all guided into the earth by the hand of God. (Exodus Chapters 7-11). Another similarity to our time is there were magicians just as we have today,and although they could mimic many of the things being done they could not duplicate lice and even told Phar’-aoh that what was happening was by the finger of God but he would not listen (Exodus 8:18,19).

So what about the hornet? Has God ever sent hornet’s as a part of His plan? Scripture gives us three examples of them being sent for various reasons (Exodus 23:27-30),(Joshua 24:12),(Deuteronomy 7:18-22).

We see there is truly nothing new under the sun which has not previously happened upon the earth. What has been will be again!

I know that,whatsoever God doeth,it shall be forever:nothing can be put to it,nor anything taken from it:and God doeth it,that men should fear before Him.

That which hath been is now;and that which is to be hath already been;and God requireth that which is past”.(Ecclesiastes 3:14,15).

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