Choose today who you will serve

In Joshuas’ address to the people he proposes the question “Choose today whom you will serve” after explaining all the Lord had done for them from removing their enemies when they left egypt by bringing the sea upon them,to the many battles where God destroyed their adversaries from before them after they cried unto the Lord!(Joshua 24:14,15).

This question can also apply to us still today,do you serve the one who has the ability to remove your enemies from before you? or rely on your own strength to problem solve? God never changes and is the same yesterday,today and forever. We find in the book of deuteronomy just how important it is to choose to serve God,for He is a jealous God (Deuteronomy 6:13-19).

This world offers many ways any one of us can fall prey to turning away from serving God such as idolatry,money (Matthew 6:24) and sin (Romans 6:16-23).

Just as Joshua asked the question choose today whom you will serve,we too must decide!

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