Watching what has and is happening in my land, New Zealand, the Lord had me write these words to all men of this land but it equally applies to other lands in this world in this time.

The written words were then sent to the only independant news web site that is known to me in New Zealand.  The editor reply was as follows;

I have had a quick look at it and its tone is very dramatic and over the top in a Good versus Evil preaching from the pulpit kind of a way. The same ideas in the article expressed in more matter of fact rather than a dramatic way would be more suitable for publication.

I have had a quick look at it and its tone is very dramatic and over the top in a Good versus Evil preaching from the pulpit kind of a way. The same ideas in the article expressed in more matter of fact rather than a dramatic way would be more suitable for publication.

Would you consider re-writing it more in an opinion piece style rather than a sermon?

My reply to her was to thank her but say what was written is written.

Our Father sent his only begotten son to pay the price for all of humanity upon this earth and his love abounds towards them all. Hence such a word to all men of all lands upon the face of this earth.


It is written, I (God Almighty) will send a strong delusion so that they believe a lie and so it is in this time.

Those in power stand before you and speak great lies and many open their hearts and receive their great lies without any forethought at all. WISDOM IS THE PRINCIPAL THING, THEREFORE GET WISDOM AND THEN WITH ALL YOUR GETTING, GET UNDERSTANDING.

Their father is the father of all lies as he has been from the beginning of time and the many bow their knees and submit to him at these words being spoken through the mouth of his children.

Though the truth is out there it is being shrouded from your sight and hearing and because the many won’t seek it out they will never hear it and therefore they will perish at the lack of knowledge.

They say you have a great pestilence in your land. YOU DO NOT!

They say you have to walk in fear of this pestilence striking you down if you do not follow their commands. YOU DO NOT!

They say, shut your businesses and go home till we say it is alright to come out of your caves; FOOLISHNESS for in doing this you are destroying your own lives and those who depend on you for bread to eat.

They say, wear a mask to stop you spreading this pestilence. They say, men of the highest order have given us this “ADVICE” and so we now command you to heed this “ADVICE” and do as we say for you must trust our words not others out there who though highly qualified in medical science say masks have “NO VALUE” in stopping this pestilence at all.

In other lands those engaged in treating this pestilence have stood up and told the world how they have been treating this pestilence with results being highly successful. Not one whisper or words has been spoken about these treatments by your frontline medical staff in your land.

Shame on them for breaking their own oath to bring healing to all men. Shame on them for walking in fear of their livelihoods when they know colleagues worldwide have been successfully treating their own patients with known drugs available to man.

You have heard the words, be kind to one another. Though we all should be walking in this, they are using these words to manipulate all those that they are speaking to, to give an appearance of care and love.

The word “LOVE” in language terms is a verb, an action word and all their actions show you they are not acting in “TRUE” love at all. They seek absolute control, absolute power, absolute submission, absolute loyalty to the kingdom they are building for their master.

Many write many words of their displeasure of what they see happening in this time, however the time is near and is here now where you will have to make your stand against them in your streets, highways and byways.

You will have to do this till your voice is heard and their lies are bought into the light for all in your land to see and hear. Men in past times died for this liberty you walk in, but you are letting them and freely giving them all that liberty that was fought for in rivers of blood and mud.

And be warned do not think that it is just one group that is involved in this wicked and destructive plan to make you their slaves as they sit upon their paper thrones and eat of the plenty that is bought forth from this earth by your hands.

Many in what you call political parties know and understand very clearly what they are doing and what the end goal is for them to bring forth their kingdom upon this land.

Again I say these words, Fool me twice, shame on me. Protect the weak, the vulnerable, support the poor but keep walking down this path they are forcing you to walk down and you will find that you will no longer be able to do any of these things for you will have given these false leaders all your power and freedom of choice on the ground where you live, breathe and tread.


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