Have you ever wondered how distressed many of those who have gone before us became as they watched in their times the destruction of their countries, their lives, their churches, their faith and families.

Many times as the Holy Ghost led me to read of the prophets and others who our blessed Father and Saviour used to go and speak to his people only to find that the people, his people rejected that message and continued in their own ways before a Holy God who had bought them out from places of persecution and little and gave them them a land of plenty and peace on all sides.

In the hearts of these ones great distress would of come upon them, so much so it would of shattered their living soul.

In one instance one prophet said to the Father, they have rejected me and the words you told me to say unto them. This prophet took it extremely personally and our Father had to remind him that they had not rejected him, but their loving God who was warning them of the consequences of doing what was right in their own eyes and which would ultimately lead them back into slavery and destruction.

Time and time again I watched these ones God used in the past suffer extreme distress personally just for being God’s messenger, even in some cases physical death by the hand of those ones they had been sent to, to speak his words.

Then I have walked in the Lord and His spirit in these so called modern times and I have seen exactly the samething thing happen to those who God has and is using in these times to do His work for him on this earth in the now.

Yes, there are false messengers and we see them and judge them by their fruits but the true and holy messengers only grow in the power and might of their God, King and Saviour because they are before Him continually.

One the Lord had me watch over many years, as he grew old the burden he carried grew stronger and stronger. Many times as he delivered the words he had been given by the Lord, he fell to knees and wept. He was not weeping for himself but in distress for God’s people and church upon the land he was ordained to walk upon.

This man spoke many warnings to the people placed before him from our Father in heaven, a small remnant listened but the majority ignored the words that poured from his mouth given to him through the Holy Ghost to speak in that place.

Now as it was in the past, for nothing is new under the sun and because the majority of God’s people are doing what is right in their own eyes, great distress is going to come upon them and all their lives.

Like God’s people of of old who ignored the Fathers holy messengers and suffered the consequences of their sins and lukewarmness before their Holy God so will God’s people suffer today.

The distress will be great and the burden will be heavy. Some will return unto their God, King and Saviour, but many will run back into the darkness where they will be lost to the Kingdom of God forever.

If you are finding this is happening to you right now and are finding many of the doors that once were opened are now firmly closed, I say unto to you, this is the hand of your loving Father upon you.

From the beginning of time, He has loved you and He loves you now, but now is the time to return unto Him and His church, the church of the firstborn. For in this place you will find Him, you will find his love, his grace, his mercy, his provision and much more that you do not even comprehend.

So as a solider in Christ who is called to endure the harness of this earthly fallen world, I can only encourage you to be still and know the Lord your God and to hold fast to the sound doctrine of the Lord your God that He has written on your heart and placed in your mind through your diligent study of His word as you are lead by the spirit of truth whom He sent to teach, guide and comfort you as you walk your way home to His coming Kingdom.



  1. Unless it is in the will of God and not our will being done,we will continue to put money into pockets with holes,and our dreams will be empty if not founded in the faith of Christ. So many who understand the will of God know how disheartening it is to go to a friend or family member only to be rejected. Its a lonely walk with the Lord at times,but the reward far out weighs the rejection!!! God Bless You.

    • Amen sister, but Father I pray for all those that you are using in this time who are of you and find themselves in this position as you have shown me, that you send someone from your flock to love them in you, encourage them in you for both are doing what is pleasing in your eyes. Amen

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