As I came before my God, Lord and Father of all on His day a great sadness filled up my whole being. Tears filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as I stilled myself before him on this day.

Out of my heart I could hear myself asking my Father many questions about the times I was living in and through.

Firstly He reminded me of some words He had given me some years back;

“With an everlasting stream of tears I cry for my people. These tears will become raindrops, the raindrops puddles, the puddles streams, the streams roaring rivers until they fill the lands my people are walking upon”.

In these waters will be repentance, repentance, repentance, repentance, repentance and repentance.

As I sat there before my King, He again reminded of the words of Nehemiah that when he heard the words about the state of Jerusalem, he sat down and wept and mourned for many days and he fasted and prayed before the God of Heaven.

The God of heaven continued to say, what you see before you is right and is the reason your heart is filled with mourning. The walls of my church are broken down and have been breached by lies, deceit, division and lukewarmness, all sowed by the fallen one.

Though this is true, so is my saying to you and all my children redeemed by the blood of the lamb. The victory is mine and my will will be done on earth as it has already been done in Heaven.

From my throne flows a river clear as crystal and in this river is everything I am and I sent another the Holy Ghost to be with you until the end of the age.

Many times I have called to my people to come unto me and sanctify a solemn assembly and fast, pray and weep before the Lord their God in repentance for the things that I fill their hearts and mouth with. Alas my people go about their own ways and do not heed my call unto them.

At these words, I stopped writing and just sat there before my God of Gods in absolute silence for I knew not what to say or do.

Then more words came to me in the spirit and they went on to say;

Though you are walking through where what you see are the plans of the devil to take absolute control of the people and countries of the world through lies, deceit and great wickedness in high places, all these things must come to pass as I forewarned you through my word of truth.

Though these things are bringing great sorrow to all upon this earth, I am there with my people who have ears to hear what I am saying to them as they faithfully and earnestly seek my face.

Again I say, NOW IS THE TIME to sanctify a solemn assembly, fast and pray, rend your hearts and repent for the things that I fill your mouth with.


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