There are prayers God cannot ignore.

We shall be looking at those prayers and those that prayed them, because God to many Christians is the ultimate heartbreaker! Unanswered prayers, unmet expectations and seemingly ignored requests. But it’s not true because he is a generous God, and some prayer which you think that it is ignored are in the bank! Be courageous!

  1. Jacob. Gen. 32:24-30. Because he was overwhelmed with the fear of his brother Esau, he decided to pray. First he discovered the root of his problems which is bad name. He earnestly wanted to be blessed hence he refused to take no for an answer. He battled in prayers until his desire was met.
  2. Jabez. IChro. 4:9-10. This man saw pains right from birth, as he was named “Born in sorrow”. But refused to remain where fate placed him. The Bible says that he called on the God of Israel with a five point prayer. God arose and made him more honourable than his brethren.
  3. Hannah, the mother of Samuel. ISam. 1:10-18. This woman faced mockery and insults because of her long barrenness. In pain, she prayed, though misunderstood by her priest, she refused to be misdirected by that but remained focused on what she was pursuing, and eventually overcame barrenness.
  4. Bartimaeus the son of Timaeus. Mk. 10: 46-52. This was a blind beggar. When he heard that Jesus was passing his way, he determined that his blindness must be over that same day. As he began to shout, many rebuked him for making noise, but he persisted and caught the attention of the Lord and got his heart desire.

  5. The Syrophenician woman. Mk.7: 25-30. This woman was a gentile from Greece. She came to Jesus for the healing of her daughter but the Lord initially ignored her and told her openly that He cannot give His food meant for children should not be given to dogs. But this madam refused to consider such statement, instead she admitted that she was a dog and requested that she be fed from the crumbs that fell from the children’s table. Seeing her faith, the Lord granted her request.

*NOTE: Whatsoever things were written afore time were written for our learning, that we through patient and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. Rom.15:4. From the above examples we can draw lessons and refuse not to be weak or weary. not minding the happenings, with faith and perseverance, we must overcome. Though our problems may have lasted, but with great determination, victory is sure.



  1. Prayer does change things. In my experience, it is always according to his will. I have prayed for something, and it seemed like it went unanswered. The answer may have been delayed, but it was better than what I had in mind.

    • So true ……… If we wait on the Lord everything is so much better because it was done in His will and timing and not our own. This sure teaches us to rely on Him and not ourselves. God Bless and keep you Always.

    • AMEN! What a wonderful comfort it is! Calling on the name that is above all names moves mountains and gives answers in our time of need. Blessings.

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