Second Chance

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Hezekiah had reasons to celebrate. Why? After falling ill, the prophet Isaiah told him that he was supposed to put his house in order because he was going to die (Isaiah 38:1). He then cried out to God and the Lord added fifteen years to his life (Isaiah 38:2-5). Why the fifteen years though?

The Bible doesn’t really say, but imagine thinking that your time is up and you’re going to die at the age of seventy but learning you would get to live until you are eighty-five. How would you live out those final fifteen years differently than your first seventy? I would think that some of that time would be spent in worship and praise of the Lord.

Have you ever thought that maybe God has already granted you a second chance by sparing your life in a car accident, an extended illness, or in some other way as you prayed for a miracle. How are you currently using your extra time? He’s given you a gift in response to your trust in Him. Put it to good use.


2 thoughts on “Second Chance

  1. That is so true about a second chance. I have thought about those times when I was about to leave the house and I had to turn back because of something. That could have been God responding and holding me back. God Bless.

  2. Yes! The still small voice of God often times stops us from going where we shouldn’t. Some call it their conscience they wished they would have listened to, but being sensitive to that prompting is always for our protection. God Bless you.

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