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This was posted on 11/1/2021



I wrote my first book, Real Christianity—The Nature of the Church, in the 1990s in part to show the clear distinction between real and unreal Christianity. It released a sword of separation. . All Christians must understand that the New Covenant writings contain contrastive material. The Word of God is designed to draw clear distinctions, […]


5 thoughts on “KICKING AGAINST THE GOADS — Real Christianity

  1. “they put it [their trust] in others and in themselves though outwardly insisting otherwise. This likely explains the great amount of Cognitive Dissonance among Christians.”

    This dissonance exists within many people – Christians and non-Christians alike.

    As people have separated themselves from God, self will, selfishness and the ego have taken over. The spiritual guidance offered by a caring and benevolent “higher power” has been replaced by following the news and the editorial opinion of media moguls and social media “influencers”.

    Those people have their own agenda. It is often one that does not have care and consideration for the welfare of others.

    My God does does not manipulate or coerce. I am given signs and suggestions that enable me to live a caring and conscientious life by trying to do the next right thing.

    Thanks for sharing your insight. I enjoy reading what you have to say 🙂

    M –

    • RJ has given very insightful writing I believe are always guided and directed by the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for this very enlightening comment, as you are spot on. Be Blessed Always.

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