Who Are the Future Manifested Sons and Daughters?


 The Holy Scriptures speak of a group of Christians who will grow to become like the early apostles. Paul, John, and Peter wrote eloquently about them.

 But who are these future immortal ones? The time in history is right for them to appear on the scene; it is the time of the end. Most Christians have read that “He is bringing many sons unto glory” (Hebrews 2:10). And they have read that He has given us power “to become the sons of God” (John 1:12). But most say that we cannot be like Paul, Peter and John. Who are the few who do believe, who are grown from the same seed as the apostles?

 One major trait that they all have is an unsatiable appetite for the truth. They want the absolute, unadulterated truth as to why we are here on earth. Who is this Creator? What is His plan for us? What’s the timetable for coming events? What about the evil in the earth? Who inhabits Satan’s kingdom? Who is calling the shots, running the show, pulling the strings of the puppet politicians? How will the world end?

 They want to know the truth about the things that touch all our lives. And when they hear it,    they are quick to lay the idols of their own prior understanding on the burn pile.

You can tell who they are by their ability to discern what is truth and what is a lie. God has given them this ability, and that is what sets them apart. That is what makes them different from other human beings. God has chosen them and ordain them for His mission. And he will not allow them to be deceived any longer.

 It is this humility, this dependence on God’s Spirit, that allows them to seek and find the truth. Yes, God intervenes and creates a hunger in their hearts for truth. That is the beginning of God calling them to Himself. It’s the start of the Quest, when the hero awakens out of his selfish slumber. And he is made aware that there is something greater than his anemic little desires for vainglory. Something much greater than himself is afoot here. He begins to realize that something earth-shattering and then, earth-reshaping, lies in the prophetic pages soon to come to life for those who seek.

 But it all starts when God instills the thirst for truth. It is all Him. He is behind everything. He is the “Author and Finisher of our faith.” He arranges our lives from desperation to the first steps on this pilgrimage to find the Source of love and peace. He injects our lives with desire to know Him who is the Truth. And then we learn that it is His ballpark—His bat, ball and gloves. He invites all to play. Those who show up for the meaningful and sometimes strenuous practices, will be learning to play by His rules. Those who learn them will be the starters at game time.

Kenneth Wayne Hancock  


6 thoughts on “Who Are the Future Manifested Sons and Daughters?

  1. Knowing the truth is going to be difficult. The bible says truth will be thrown to the ground. Also, lies will become truth and truth will become lies. I see this happening already. The only thing we can rely on is God’s Word. Even Pilate asked, “What is Truth?” He had ‘the Truth’ standing right in front of him. The lies abounding out there befuddle me. Yes, I agree the last seven years aren’t far away. We’ll need the Holy Spirit’s help to guide us through it.

    • YES! Our Lord prayed for us to the Father knowing He and His children are not of the world, and prayed we would be sanctified through the truth of His word. ( I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.)(John 17:15-17).
      Just as the widows son who was raised from the dead knew it was by the truth of the words of Elijah did this miracle happen (1 Kings 17:20-24).
      Stay Strong Mary, Many Blessings.

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  3. It takes me to a couple passage that I have read many times and still go to them often – John 14:8-21, Psalm 119, and my favorite single verse – John 21:25. LOLGB+

    • Thank you so much for these confirming passages. The passages you give of John 14:8-21 sure holds true even today and how people have a hard time of accepting that our Lord was God in the flesh and walked among us. (John 10:30)  I and my Father are one. Be Blessed Always.

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