Digging Deep


Digging Deep

A Word In Season

a word in due season, how good it is! (Prov. 15:23 KJV)

A Word From the Lord
Shared at a conference in Michigan (11/13/2022)

I am digging deep.
Unearthing roots that keep you tethered to places that no longer nourish you.
Removing debris from an old season that can’t be part of your future.
Untangling alignments that can’t go where you are going.
Pruning habits and reshaping mindsets that have hindered and held you for much too long.

I am digging deep.
That’s why some painful memories have been resurfacing.
Old wounds that were covered over but never healed.
I’ve placed you in uncomfortable situations to reveal the places that still need my attention.
I am restoring what you have lost.
I am bringing wholeness.
I will remove the sting of the past but leave you with the wisdom of that season.

I am digging deep.
That’s why you don’t see many visible signs of my activity.
I am working slowly, beneath the surface, performing spiritual surgery in silence.
I will not settle for shallow or superficial.
No more spectators, cheerleaders, or fans.
I am looking for warriors, lovers, holy ones.
Consecrated vessels who can carry My goodness, favor, power, and glory.

I am digging deep.
Storm-proofing you for the severe shaking that is still to come.
Making you wholly devoted and durable, firmly established and strong.
Men will tremble in terror as the nations are shifted, sifted, shocked, and squeezed.
But my faithful ones will see My Sovereign hand at work.
You will trust. You will be confident. You will not be moved.

I am digging deep
I am making you battle-ready.
I am building a resilient, radical remnant of worshipping warriors.
They will win spiritual conflicts in the darkest places.
You will not be unsettled by the enemy’s noise and bluster.
You will not pull back when the warfare becomes intense.
You will take your place.
You will stand your ground.
You will prevail.

I am digging deep.
I am birthing something new. Never before seen on the earth.
I am raising up a company of the humble-bold and gentle-brave.
Refined revolutionaries. Fiercely loyal to Jesus.
Empty of any desire for man’s praise.
Fully aware of who they are and whose they are.
Unconventional. Unashamed. Undaunted. Untamed.

– Anonymous

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