In the days that are here those that seek diligently their Lord will walk up and down upon this earth proclaiming the words of the Lord.

Though the false teacher and prophets speak delusions and diviners lies and tell false dreams they comfort my people in vain.

My people therefore went their ways like lost sheep and they are in trouble because their is no true shepherd to lead them. My anger says the Lord is kindled against the shepherds and I will punish the goatherds.

I the Lord will visit with my flock and I will make them as my royal horse in the battle raging upon the earth and in the heavens.

From me came the chief cornerstone and my people shall stand because I the Lord God Almighty are with them. Because I have trained their hands for battle so that their arms will break a bow of bronze they shall be like mighty men who tread down their enemies and mine in the streets where they tread and their enemies shall be put to utter shame.

I their Lord and God will strengthen them and I will bring them back unto me as a Father who sows mercy upon his children day after day. They shall be mighty men and their hearts will rejoice and their children shall see it and be glad and rejoicing shall flow from their mouths.

I shall call says the Lord of Hosts in these days upon the earth and they shall come for I have redeemed them through the blood of the lamb.

Increase shall come as it was in times past and as I am their Lord and God I will hear them as they cry out unto me in the days of my wrath that are and will be poured out upon those upon this earth.

For those that have been sowed in far countries they too shall remember me and they shall live and they too shall return unto me, some by water and some by fire.

The pride of the wicked ones shall be brought down and the scepter of the fallen one shall depart from all my children, friends, disciples and sons.

In these times saith the Lord I alone shall strengthen them as they seek my face diligently and they shall walk up and down in the lands where I have planted them in the name of my son, Jesus Christ proclaiming His salvation and words, Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand and will not tarry.

The Traveller



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