Diary Notes

In amongst my physical battles to be a holy vessel for my holy God and King the Lord in his loving mercy continues to show just how deep and wide his love for his children.

Whilst in this place I have not stopped watching and listening to the Lord as to where this world is in him which includes his church.

The world is surely seeing so much division and confusion which is bringing about so much hatred from humanity for each other. We are also seeing extreme weather patterns causing havoc right around this earth resulting in huge losses of material things and life.

Yet amongst this it appears to me that the Lord’s church is strangely silent. Oh we hear the religious voices but they are all about compromise and falling into line with the worshippers of satan.

This the Lion that those of old faced and died by sword, fire and other horrible means of death spoke boldly about and stood firm on their God’s words of life, truth and the way.

In listening I heard my Lord and King say this is his battle plan. He will cause so much confusion humanity will cry out with all that they are for a savior who will give them peace and prosperity.

The Lord went on to say, this is the calm before the storm. It is though humanity is in the eye of the storm but being deceived by satan they oblivious of what terror is about to and is unfolding upon all the lands that humans are walking upon.

What about me was one of my cries and the answer came. Be cunning as a serpent but gentle as a dove. Remain in me, yield, yield and yield again to me for I am preparing my people for the Kingdom that is yet to come.

The fields are ripe for harvest but the workers are few but in these times in the now and just ahead I am about to send forth my workers who will preach only Christ crucified. They will be as the disciples of old after Pentecost and they will be many in number.

These are the ones the earth has been waiting for and they will fulfil my word to subdue the earth which was spoken to man in the time of my creation.

They shall speak in my name and my glory and the heavens and earth shall listen and our Father who art in heaven shall stretch forth hand to heal and signs and wonders shall be done in the holy name of Jesus Christ their Lord, King, Savior and Messiah and coming King.

In these times heaven and earth are being shaken once again and that which remains will be pure and a holy peculiar people will arise who because of the love for their God will do his commandments with all that they are even unto death for they know beyond doubt that death has lost its sting.

What about me was my selfish thought but my loving father said, remain in me and we will remain in you. Keep doing what you are doing regardless of those who laugh behind your back, point fingers and speak great and pompous words against you and me and because you remain in me they will do unto you the same as they did unto me but I will be with you to the end of your days and time here on this earth.

There are seasons for everything in your life upon this fallen world but they will pass for I am changing you from glory to glory. So press in and reach for that mark of the high calling of God Almighty for your life. You can reach that mark in me alone and you will see even in this life the riches of my glory as you do the Fathers will. In the life to come you will have the understanding of the Father’s way.

My sheep will know my voice and will follow after me and will not be deceived by the fallen ones lies and deceit which is unfolding in such a way that has never been before and will never see again for in a moment of time my son shall come again with a shout of an arch angel and the sound of the heavenly trumpet and be revealed in all his glory. At this time the dead in me shall rise again and the living shall join them in the air to be with me forever more.

Be encouraged my son and encourage the others that I send to you with this hope for many are losing hope for their eyes have been diverted to the physical and their ears are listening to a perverted truth and their hearts are failing them for fear.

Prefect love drives out all fear so let my love fill your cup to overflowing and go forth and let people see and hear my love for them in the now and the endless times to come.

Your Father who art in heaven

A Traveller in the Lord

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