Understand His Delayed Wrath

Photo by Tim Gomes on Pexels.com


God held many things against Israel. They invoked the name of God but didn’t walk in righteousness (Isaiah 48:1). God already knew they were stubborn people (48:4), who were rebels from birth (48:4). They deserved His wrath, but for His own name’s sake, He delayed it.

God’s name is holy. Remember that God is a jealous God who is unwilling to share His glory with anyone else. I would imagine that this may make you uncomfortable when you think about your own behavior? We were all born rebels, deserving of God’s wrath. Most of us may invoke His name but don’t walk in righteousness-at least not perfectly, sometimes not at all.

Thankful for God, you can trust that He paid the price for you and I, for His name sake, in the person of Jesus. We’ve been set free from the penalty of sin. Now we all can walk in newness of life in a way that is honoring to Him.


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