These Are the Days

These are the days where I have the winnowing fork in my hand and it will sort out the chaff from the wheat. Many call upon my name but they are not mine and they will hear my words, depart from me for I know you not.

From the time I walked upon the earth to this moment in time the truth has been spoken to all men and my warnings also were shouted from the housetops by those true and faithful servants. But alas not all have taken heed of what the spirit said to the assemblies of men proporting to worship me in spirit and truth.

Many have been seduced by evil spirits, false prophets and teachers all because they hate the truth and want to hear messages that tickle their ears. When I send one of my watchers who stand on the walls into their midst, they harden their hearts towards them and the words that my spirit has placed in their mouths and they eject them from their presence.

I say this to all these, why do you not understand my speech and because you reject my true and faithful servants and my words, you are rejecting me. I will neither listen to your cries for help or mercy or your worship and I turn my back on you.

Hear these words, repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. Turn from your wicked ways and come and worship the living God who created the heavens and the earth and all that is therein and I will will forgive your sins and restore all that the canker worm has eaten.

Did not John write down my words that I have called all my people to come out of Babylon and if you harden your hearts and fail to listen to my living words, then you will suffer my wrath as will those who have chosen to reject me and all that I am, the truth, life and way.

YES, I love my children and servants which is beyond natural mans comprehension. I listen intently to their prayers spoken to me in their closets, many times with tears flowing down their faces. I command my angels concerning them to fight for them to keep them from all wickedness being performed upon the earth. I prepare a table before them in the presence of our enemies. I feed and provide for them for I know what they need before they ask with words that are in their hearts.

I am a God of love and want none to perish needlessly, but I am also a jealous God and one of judgement and my judgement is surely being poured out on my people and then on the whole world which has gone astray.

The scribes pen could write a book of my words but I hold him back from doing so for an innumerable amount of words has already been written in times past on these matters. A remnant I have and they shall not be taken out of my hand for I know their hearts and I see the outworking of their love, truth and way in their lives as they walk in the moment of their days.

To all men I will say, I will not be mocked, I will not be sacrificed again for all mans sin. I am the living God seated at the right hand of the Father. I have all dominion in heaven, on earth, under the earth and on the earth to come.

Your wickedness is great and a abomination in my sight and I have ensured that all that has been covered will be revealed and all that has been hidden shall be known to all men, both righteous and unrighteous, there shall be no hiding anything that has been done at the hands of man.

In doing this the evil and hate towards all things good, pure and holy from judged prince of this world will and is being revealed before all man. None will be able to say they did not hear the gospel of the kingdom of God for my servants have and are going forth with my words in their hearts and mouths.

Be bold and courageous my righteous children in these times and as you are doing seek me whilst I can be found with all that you are and as you remain in me, my father and I will remain in you.

My final word is to those who have perverted my holy oracles and are leading many sheep astray, your judgement shall be swift and sure in the day that is here now and in the future. Remember the fate of Herod the King.

My will be done on earth as it is done in heaven, no matter what any man thinks, says or does for the times of my final judgment is fast approaching on the fallen one and all of man and I say all men will see my second coming with all my holy angels and my remnant shall rejoice at seeing this whilst many others will cry for the rocks to fall on them and they will fall on their knees and speak out and acknowledge that I AM WHO I AM.

The Traveller.


The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as you can hear from these words written is not pleased with many who say He is their God, King and saviour. These words are not new and have been expressed before by his true apostles, prophets, judges and teachers and as before man has wandered away and are not holding fast to his teachings.

They think that God is not watching or recording their every deed and words BUT he is both watching and having his angels record every deed and and words in the books in heaven. In His love over the many years that have passed since His son Jesus Christ came and carried out his Father’s will here on earth so we could be reconciled back to them he has constantly warned his people over and over again but they still rebel and do what is right in their own eyes. It may be a game to them or that they choose to be ignorant of their Lord’s ways but they will never to able to say on the final day that he did not try to warn them and try to turn their hearts back to the true living God and his ways.

I love my saviour with all my heart, mind soul and strength and I am willing to die for Him and His truth, life and way. This world is not my home and I am just passing through and this living soul cries out for my true home, the kingdom of God. I am a soldier of Christ alone and I will not get tangled up in civilian affairs of this world. If you are like me and alone, rejoice for this is what God our Father and his son has ordained for you in this moment of time. Our eyes cannot see the invisible but this is what you must seek, the invisible not the visible and the doubt you may of had that he has left you alone will fade for in the spirit. I can say your words to him are heard, your actions are plain to Him in heaven and he HAS stretched out his right hand towards you and you will see the fruits of your labours for him both in prayer and in deed. SO do not let the dragon tell you that God has left you. YOU are not alone and he will bring others to you and send you to others both in his kingdom and the lost in the world to speak in encouragement, love, wisdom and of salvation into their lives. Be a John the Baptist and wander the dry and dusty roads and the alley ways if thats how you are being lead in the spirit and trust in God alone and lean into Him with all that he has made you to be in this time and your reward in heaven will be beyond your comprehension.

If you are married in His eyes then I say to you the man, love your wife as he loves the church and shelter her under your arms and let her become the women of Christ she is meant to be in him with you at her side. To the wife I say, honour and respect your husband and be that one who stands by his side in God’s prefect love for he sees both of you as one in the spirit and you will accomplish much in him even beyond what you can think or imagine.

NEVER let fear take hold of you for it is not of God as fear involves torment, let our saviours love drive out all fear and go into your closet wherever that may be and be absolutely still before God and his son Jesus Christ and they will come in and sup with you and He and He alone will anoint you and fill your cup to overflowing. You may even be blessed to see His angels ascending and descending in the place where he has asked you be in this time that he forewarned us all about.

In the love of Christ I write these words to all my brothers and sisters for we are living in both exciting and testing times as all things that our Father is revealing before all men both good and evil is availing our eyes in the physical. When you have done all to stand my brothers and sisters, stand again in our Father and Saviour and even though lawlessness abounds DO NOT let your love grow cold and in doing so you will endure to the end.



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